Oh The Places We Will Pray

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Quandary Peak
Danielle Davis, Stephanie Thompson, Jimmy Preciado and Daniel Garcia after thier climb to the top of the 14er Quandary Peak south-southwest of Breckenridge, CO.
MacDonald Pray Closet
The MacDonald's family praying in the closet!
looking at God’s creation
The Maxwells don’t have major traveling plans this summer but they enjoy looking at God’s creation as they pray, listening to the horses, chickens, roosters, birds, etc. They welcome friends to join them here this summer for prayer times and they’ll be praying for all of you also!
Riverbend Ponds
Mike May's Monday morning prayer spot Riverbend Ponds.
Colorado National Monument
This was Garrison and Jennifer’s prayer spot in the Colorado National Monument! Such a cool time praying to our father with this view
May's balcony
Mike May's Tuesday morning prayer from the balcony.
Reservoir Ridge
Nichole Martinez at Reservoir Ridge natural area.
prayer walk
Jody May and the sisters on a prayer walk in Fort Collins.
IM fields
Matt, Jimmy, Anthony and Danielle praying at the IM fields on the CSU campus.
prayer walk
Sisters on a prayer walk in fort Collins.
I went down to the river to pray
"I went down to the river to pray" - Mike May
Mount Bierstadt
The Jacques prayer spot from Saturday morning! 14,065 feet up on Mount Bierstadt
Amber Mendez-Johnson's sunroom
Amber Mendez-Johnson's every morning prayer spot, the sunroom.
Mike May's prayer in the park
Mike May's prayer in the park
Daniel Garcia's prayer spot at ICMC
Daniel Garcia's prayer spot at ICMC
Sydney Hsieh parying in the sunroom
Sydney Hsieh praying in the sunroom
The May Family's
The May Family's prayer closet
Daniel Garcia's prayer spot at ICMC
Sydney Hsieh and Danielle Davis walking around the neighborhood on a prayer walk.
Grand Mesa, CO
Tyler Reynolds praying at home in Grand Mesa, CO
Jody May's Prayer spot in Pennsylvania
Steve Maxwell Praying looking towards horsetooth while God is showing off
Mike May's prayer at horsetooth resevoir
Steve Maxwell's early morning prayer walk by Dixon and horsetooth
Monte Verde, Honduras
Steph Thompson's prayer in Monte Verde, Honduras! This was someone’s home in the country.
Steve Maxwell early in the morning by Dixon and horsetooth
Jody May on her morning pray walk
Rocky Mtn National Park
Mike May's Prayer spot in Rocky Mtn National Park
Alaska Sunset
Jimmy Preciado's Prayer spot on the way to Alaska as the sun is setting above the clouds.
Alpine lake
Jimmy Preciado's Prayer spot at Alpine lake in Alaska.
Rico CO
Mike May's Prayer spot in Rico, CO
fly fishing
Jimmy Preciado praying at a river in Alaska with his prayer partner - while fly fishing.
Spud Lake
Mike May's Prayer spot at Spud Lake
Midnight in Alaska
Jimmy Preciado praying in Alaska at Midnight
The MacDonald's family praying in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore